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Art Process


..can vary depending on the end goal and self imposed challenges.
I primarily engage in the realm of virtual mediums, encompassing digital painting, 3D modeling/sculpting, virtual reality, and motion graphics through a diverse range of applications and formats. To bridge the gap between the ethereal and the tangible, I seamlessly integrate 3D printed components, 2D art prints, display monitors, and traditional artistic mediums like paints and inks into my creative process.

Predominantly working within digital media has its inherent tool flexibilities and ease of rapid iterations. Approaching my artworks with a traditional mindset by building them up one brush stroke at a time, leads to a very beautiful painterly style; A creative process that typically a
verages 40-80 hours a piece. However, as the times change and the tools progress, I make it a priority to utilized what is at my disposal and test my abilities.

Moving beyond still images, my artwork is now transitioning to involve motion through subtle animations. The goal is to give life to the art in ways that may resonate better with audiences in a time of over stimulating content. 

Do I use A.I. to make art? Not till recently. Almost all the art on this site was made without any A.I. involvement, however, I will be integrating them into my workflow. My intension is to treat A.I. as a collaborated rather than a task rabbit that does my art for me. I believe that the human touch and intervention is needed if we are to transcend the art form and keep expression alive. As I use these A.I. tools, I will also strive to apply ethical 

As my art develops, I plan to mix the physical with the digital through 3D printing and handcrafted elements paired with prints, AR/VR
, and live performance art.

Seraphin by the Sun

Waves Apart

What software do I use?


Depending on the project, additional software, plugins, or tools may be involved.


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