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Art Installation for the Human X Machina art exhibit at the MIFA. 

Mixed Media
(Digital painting, Projection, display visuals/ Motion Graphics, Music production, A.I. generation, found objects, resin model, LED lighting)

Artificial Complacence, is an Art installation that ponders the dangers of humans outsourcing our creativity to artificial intelligence. As a tool, A.I. can be very useful in expediting the planning and pre production process, however, if A.I. is used as a means to an end, we as a species may loose one of our core purposes in life. Typing a prompt, or writing down an idea, can be a step into any creative process. If whatever the A.I. generates is enough to satisfy you, the process stops there without future human involvement. If this reoccurs exponentially across societies, our imaginations will be stifled as we depend on AI to dream up our next starting idea.


Since A.I. is trained on human data to generate, what will happen when humans stop contributing? If art history/ culture stops at A.I., what will be the source of inspiration but the very same images and videos the A.I. has spit out. This will lead to a natural limit, where everything that can be generated will be. That is, until we decide to rejoin the conversation and use what was presented as a stepping stone towards something new. beyond where are limits once stood. 




For information on the Human X Machina art exhibit, please scroll below.


“human x machina” isn’t merely an art exhibition; it’s an immersive journey with a profound
educational underpinning. Its essence lies in bridging the gap between art and technology,
offering artists a vast canvas to expand their creative frontiers.

Technology has woven itself into the fabric of human existence since antiquity, shaping our
experiences and altering the course of our history. Today, we stand at the pinnacle of an
unprecedented technological revolution that fundamentally transforms how we perceive and
engage with the world. In this societal and cultural evolution tapestry, art is a reflective mirror,
deeply influenced by the interplay between human innovation and technological advancement.
For artists, embracing these new technological avenues isn’t merely a choice but a necessity.
These innovations aren’t just tools; they represent limitless mediums for expression and
exploration. The convergence of art and technology offers a vista of uncharted possibilities,
inviting creators to traverse unexplored realms of creativity.

The inherent fear of the unknown, the uncontrollable, often constrains our willingness to embrace
innovation. “human x machina” disrupts this paradigm by presenting an opportunity—a
platform to experience, learn, and comprehend the myriad ways technology can intertwine
with artistic expression. It seeks to dismantle these barriers, inspiring individuals to adopt new,
fearless creative pathways.

Ultimately, this amalgamation isn’t about fearing the unfamiliar but embracing it. It’s a call to
transcend apprehensions, evolve, and revolutionize how we perceive the union of humanity
and technology. May “human x machina” serve as a beacon, guiding us toward a future
where innovation and creativity flourish harmoniously, erasing the boundaries between art and
technology, and inspiring a fearless pursuit of novel creative endeavors.

Elkin Canas
Miami International Fine Arts Director


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