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What exists beyond our Universe? 
This collection will imagine abstract interpretations of this curious question, the power of creation and transformation.

Mixed Media: (Acrylic Paints, Resin Models, Ink Print, Music production,
Wood craft, display visuals/ Motion Graphics)

    The "Beyond the Veil" artworks are my latest in my experimental quest to find my voice and artistic process that aligns with my wide range of skills and interests. I'm in a pivotal moment in my creative career, at a time where A.I. generated images are flooding the market, I feel as though my digital paintings have less weight. Out of excitement for what can be, I am merging my traditional painting, carpentry and sculpting techniques with my digital background and engaging in what I call multi-dimensional art.

I'm currently working on the following art piece that will be showcased as a part of the Chroma Art Film Festival. hosted by Superblue and Rainbow Oasiiis. 


Here is a mockup of an artwork I call "Fighting to Embrace Change". it has a silhouetted figure that I'm painting in inks and acrylics over wooden panels that I'm cutting into shapes to emphasize its movements.
The silhouettes will be populated with stars that will shine and glitter through the use of fiber optics.

The heads are swirling forming planetary bodies. These will be animated and displayed on a monitor through a matching cut out.


Sound will be incorporated into the artwork through an audio exciter that will vibrate the wood itself, converting the whole artwork into a speaker. I will compose the soundscape music to accompany the work. The audio will be controllable to match the discretion of the ambient space.

Sculpted resin prints may adorn the panels in spaced out positions. 

For added immersion, an AR (augmented Reality) layer will be made to expand the experience further.

I'm excited to finish and see public reactions. 

Below are some behind the scenes photos for "Sorter of Worlds" the first artwork of the "Beyond the Veil" series along with behind the scenes process images for the "Fighting to Embrace Change".


After modeling and optimizing I printed these pieces in resin to fit as elements for "Sorter of Worlds".


Painting the resin prints.

Planning my canvas shapes.


Like a muralist, I'm projecting my digital sketch so that I can expand on it with paints later.


Here I'm measuring and planning my saw cuts. A big part of the design is the wood canvas shapes. I want to think outside the box and avoid the typical rectangular frame.


The heads of the figure will be an animated loop of abstract galactic flows. To achieve this, I'm trying out some VFX techniques that will involve animating, motion graphics, and compositing. As I experiment with different approaches, it's likely the final result will look distinctly different.

More coming soon...

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